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Kartikeya Sharma- Founder and Promoter


The Founder and Promoter of ProSportify, Mr. Kartikeya Sharma is one of the youngest, most dynamic, and visionary media entrepreneurs in India. He is an Oxford graduate with Masters in Business Administration from King’s College, London.

For India to succeed consistently in any particular sport at the International Arena, and if we are to have an even playing field for our Indian athletes, our approach to the sport has to be professional and world class.

Polo in India has been synonymous with royalty, Patrons of Polo across the globe will now have a chance to own Polo teams in the India Polo League and be a part of a new emerging sports and lifestyle business

We can succeed only if the respective sporting body, infrastructure, training and coaching processes, science and technology, equipment, talent and business acumen to build and market the sport, all come together, at the same time.

“Our philosophy as a company reflects in our name itself, our approach is to uplift and transform the sports while keeping the culture and heritage of the sports intact. We will focus on building sport in a 360-degree approach, which leaves all stakeholders, including the viewers/spectators and sponsors happy.

Pro Sportify Ventures Private Limited will have diversified interests in Sports and Leagues in the country with the objective of making India shine in the field of sports at the global level and usher a new era.

Mr. Kartikeya Sharma’s sole aim is to identify and attract the right kind of talent so that the Indian Tricolour can always keep flying high and all Indians can be justifiably proud of the achievements of the country’s sportspersons.

Col Tarun Sirohi- Co Founder and COO


A name instantly recognizable, the world over in Polo. The most successful Indian Polo Captain ever with over 25 years of polo experience. He has represented India in 4 world cups and has won the  Indian Open 4 times. Ex commandant of the 61st Cavalry and former Secretary of the  Indian Polo Association

Se invece non si riesce a mantenere l’erezione prima ancora di aver eiaculato. Ma è solo un ausilio per raggiungere l’erezione al Erezione-Squadre momento giusto, basandolo su aspetti olistici e terapeutici, sulla base dell’effetto ottenuto e della tolleranza al prodotto.

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